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Having been born a woman and navigated many of the life cycle transitions of womanhood ; I believe it is very important to be aware of the areas that cause us difficulty and discomfort. Attending to bodily and emotional challenges during life transitions is very important. Awareness of physical and emotional health is important. Being mindful and healthy in navigating these changes positively impacts one functioning  as a mother or potential mother and as a healthy partner. When you become aware of the emotional and physiological influences during transitional times in life you can be a proactive and healthier female, mother , wife, partner which allows you to be more active in all areas of life and in your work as well.

Women who take control of their health empower themselves to live longer, disease-free lives. A lifetime of good health starts with prevention, including annual wellness exams and screenings. A women’s health doctor can be your greatest partner in prevention, offering you advice for healthy living and providing important screenings designed to identify complications and illnesses during their earliest stages. From adolescence to post-menopause, a woman’s health demands care and attention at all stages of life.

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