Trauma and Anxiety

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There are a many different forms of trauma. Trauma is not only what has happened; for many trauma is still continuing. This can be thoughts, images, excessive startle response, hyper-vigilance. Processing trauma requires engagement of body , mind and brain in order to change your life for the better.

Transforming the Impact of Trauma

One of the key things in coping with and transcending trauma is beginning to trust life again and beginning to open up. “Shutting down one kind of feeling inevitably shuts down all types of feelings.” When we begin to open up again we may experience pain, fear and helplessness but we will also be open to love, encouragement and hope. When dealing with trauma or symptoms of panic it is important to learn we have survived the most difficult part. The actual experience! We must train our mind, and enable our bodies and emotions to express the pain, and begin to integrate new experiences and develop skills to reduce and transform our current limitations.

“Unresolved trauma waits at the gait of experience, waiting for an opportunity to express itself.” Often this in unanticipated and we are unconscious of the impact upon ourselves, and those around us. We are unaware and therefor unable to transform, change or even express how the trauma is effecting us, our work and often our loved ones.  Engaging in psychotherapy enables one to experience and perceive situations in a new way, as well as developing awareness and tools for dealing with symptoms of trauma. Incorporating various modalities and reconnecting with our center allows us to grow, gain perspective and retrain our brains and begin to understand old patterns.

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